Australian Metal Recycling Industry Association Victoria

The Australian Metal Recycling Industries Association was formed to promote the interests of the metal recycling industry nationally, to promote cooperation between member firms, to solve common problems, to work with government on policy affecting recycling and to inform the public on the considerable environmental advantages of metal recycling .

AMRIA was established in 1985 by a small group of metal recyclers whose aim was to set up a code of ethics for the industry and to establish a system of Best Practice for dealing with other dealers, customers and suppliers .

Our members are traders of metal, recycling and processing scrap metal both ferrous and non-ferrous, as well as automotive metals and arisings from metal manufacturers across the country. They import and export, pick up from customers premises and specialise in metal recycling.

Today AMRIA is comprised of companies ranging from individual scrap collectors to highly sophisticated, technologically advanced, processing plants.

Recycling significantly reduces the drain on primary resources, and at the same time also reduces the amount of waste into land fill.

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